Sunday, January 8

what just happened?

my first post in what seems like a month, as I wait to see if Dave is actually on-line, or just xbox live on-line which makes him look all available but in fact means he's playing games and can't talk right now.

I am just a little bit drunk right now. For the first time in forever, I decided to go to a bar (Allen's) and just drink far too much. which in my case is 4 pints in 2 hours, hardly a record, but as Matt points out, I'm past the point of finding it impressive how MUCH or how FAST I can drink it. Since when is that a test?

All I know is that it actually felt pretty good to pour myself into a cab after a night of drinking and laughing, and I feel good and content and warm in the feet sitting here in bed blogging this all up. Leah and Max are away, so I'm single for 48 hours, and drunkenly happy about the whole thing.

Even if I do have to get up tomorrow and go figure out how to start a dead car by using only the telephone.


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