Monday, January 30


Meet the new "dark wizard catcher" in Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix. Meet him, or prepare for the worst.

My month of tv-less-ness seems to be coming to an end; Leah has finally figured out how to deal with the cords for the new blinds, and so once the valance is hung I will be back in business. I've spent the last month watching everything on the laptop, including TV. Bah! That's no way to appreciate art. I've also managed to get completely caught up with both Lost and Veronica Mars, and I've come to the somewhat shocking conclusion that I actually like Veronica Mars more. A manageable number of characters and a no less audacious agenda have just propelled this thing into the stratosphere for me. Sure, it's a soapy concoction but holy jiminy they just keep puttin' the whammy on me week after freakin' week.

I'm also basically done with the film noir collection (about 8 more titles are on back order, and another 4 are about to be announced, bringing the grand total at this point to 91 titles!!!) having picked up everything available in a decent print right now. So it's crunch time. In the end, it's come down to two genres, both of which I have very defined interests in; Musicals and Westerns. Since Max is six (or about to be) I figured to go with the Musicals first after all. He'll like them more. Westerns will have to wait until at least 2007. Curtain Up, on with the show. Next stop, Busby Berkeley.


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