Monday, October 16

Quick, Cover The Delorean!

Max is now completely into Back to the Future. We watched part one about a month ago. Since then he's seen one of the three movies at least once every day. We ordered a Delorean scale model. Max sleeps with it.

The thing is that from day one, he had no trouble with keeping track of the implications of the time travel. He thinks fourth dimensionally as well as anyone I've ever met. He likes all three movies, although he has spent significantly more time on part 3, which after all has guns and exploding trains in it. He's warming up to part 2 slowly, which is fitting given the darker nature of it. But what's most gratifying about this for me is that these movies, which I have said numerous times represent for me the pinnacle of big budget summer moviemaking are now just as special to him.

The toy is incredibly detailed. Max specifically did not want a Mr. Fusion model, so we went with the classic part 1 incarnation (you can get a car for each of the three movies). There is a tiny little set of time circuits inside there, along with a flux capacitor and the little digital speed gauge. As you can see, the gullwing doors are fully functional. There's even a detachable "lightning hook" for simulating the end of the movie. Max is busy making plans to construct his own Hill Valley, in part so he can show it to people and say: "please excuse the crudeness of this model." And in part so he can electrify the model and set the car on fire, I'm afraid.

The other thing about this is of course that the entire Back to the Future series is essentially about the past; the upshot being that we've now been able to introduce such concepts as the old west and westerns, Chuck Berry, blacksmithing, Jules Verne, and Huey Lewis and The News. All of which sticks a grin on my face about a mile wide every time I think about it.


Anonymous Marissa said...

Holy Crap - is that a picture of Max sleeping? I can't believe how big he is, and how much he looks like you. He's a big kid now - that is wild.

9:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, cool article. May the Trilogy live for ever.

4:40 PM  

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