Thursday, February 23


My car died a premature death. We bought a new one earlier tonight. I got like $3000 off list. Here's how you do that, by the way:

1) Do all your research ahead of time, on line, consumers reports, car mags, etc. Know exactly what you want before you even test drive.

2) If you do have more than one legit pick and need to decide, drive them all in the same day, and tell the salesperson that you can't decide anything until you've driven them all.

3) Pick one. Be decisive. As long as they are all roughly in your price range, just pick one and stick with it. Go back to that dealer, unless they sucked, and then find another dealer that sells that same car.

4) Once you know you want the car, walk up to the salesperson and say "unless you can't help me, I'm buying a "_________" today."

5) Let them know exactly what options and packages you are gonna need. Let them work out the numbers. Know whether you want a loan or a lease (hint: you want a lease for a new car)

6) Take a look at the payment number. Decide how much less than that you actually want to pay (a good rule of thumb is to ask for about 10% off the price. Dealers don't usually have much more to give) Say" if you can make the payment X dollars (the 10% off rule) I will take the car right now.

7) Wait. let them think about it. Usually they will want to get the managers permission for such a big discount. They may ask you for a credit card at this point. Give it to them and say "if you can match my price, go ahead and put down a deposit. we will have a deal at that price"

8) They will NEVER match your deal. NEVER. They will however come back with something close, like maybe 7.5% off. Hem and haw, and then say that you can't swing the payment. Ask if you can meet them in the middle between 7.5% and 10%. That's like 8.5-9% off list price. They will generally agree.

On a 25,000 car, you just saved $2125 off of list.

If this doesn't work, you are in a badly run dealership. GET OUT. Any decent salesperson who hears a client say to them directly "I want to buy this car today, and I'm willing to give you a deposit provided you meet my price" is going to bend over backwards for you with their boss, because they know it's easy money for them. They don't have to spend all that time convincing you to say yes, you just said it right off the bat. It's the sure thing.
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