Monday, January 30


Meet the new "dark wizard catcher" in Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix. Meet him, or prepare for the worst.

My month of tv-less-ness seems to be coming to an end; Leah has finally figured out how to deal with the cords for the new blinds, and so once the valance is hung I will be back in business. I've spent the last month watching everything on the laptop, including TV. Bah! That's no way to appreciate art. I've also managed to get completely caught up with both Lost and Veronica Mars, and I've come to the somewhat shocking conclusion that I actually like Veronica Mars more. A manageable number of characters and a no less audacious agenda have just propelled this thing into the stratosphere for me. Sure, it's a soapy concoction but holy jiminy they just keep puttin' the whammy on me week after freakin' week.

I'm also basically done with the film noir collection (about 8 more titles are on back order, and another 4 are about to be announced, bringing the grand total at this point to 91 titles!!!) having picked up everything available in a decent print right now. So it's crunch time. In the end, it's come down to two genres, both of which I have very defined interests in; Musicals and Westerns. Since Max is six (or about to be) I figured to go with the Musicals first after all. He'll like them more. Westerns will have to wait until at least 2007. Curtain Up, on with the show. Next stop, Busby Berkeley.

Wednesday, January 11

Stevenote '06

Yes, yes, Mac enthusiasts were gathered together to see just what was in store at the big Macworld Keynote Address given as always by our hero, Steve Jobs. Honestly, is there any more fun to be had then in following a company that seems to exist only to do what it considers to be cool? I think not.

Like in other years, people's predictions surrounding what was going to happen far outweighed what actually took place. 50" Plasma TV's with intel VIIV platforms built in for seamless downloading of digital content right into the living room? Nope. iBooks that weigh less than 2 pounds and deliver better performance than a dual core G5 tower? Nope. A preview of OS X 10.5, Leopard? Nope again.

What we did get was a smokin' fast improvement on the current powerbooks (making it the fastest laptop in production, apparently) that now include an eyesight camera where the enclosure lock used to be. This is good, making a camera a standard part of every computer like a microphone and speakers have become. Of course I want one, but I am content to wait the next 2 years out until the current equipment is paid for and has outlived its usefullness.

What does interest me is the iLife upgrade, if only because Garageband has been outfitted with some kind of "podcast studio" type of functionality that would likely benefit Mamo. Sound quality, while improved, still isn't anywhere near where I'd like it to be, so I will be heading in to Long and McQuade some time next month to see what can be done about it. Plus I'd like to take a whack at adding some chapter stops, theme music, and other niceties if I can.

Our subscriber list took a hit recently, and it's just coming back around this week. The big drag down coincides with the holidays, which I guess makes sense. Thanks a lot, Jesus.

Sunday, January 8

what just happened?

my first post in what seems like a month, as I wait to see if Dave is actually on-line, or just xbox live on-line which makes him look all available but in fact means he's playing games and can't talk right now.

I am just a little bit drunk right now. For the first time in forever, I decided to go to a bar (Allen's) and just drink far too much. which in my case is 4 pints in 2 hours, hardly a record, but as Matt points out, I'm past the point of finding it impressive how MUCH or how FAST I can drink it. Since when is that a test?

All I know is that it actually felt pretty good to pour myself into a cab after a night of drinking and laughing, and I feel good and content and warm in the feet sitting here in bed blogging this all up. Leah and Max are away, so I'm single for 48 hours, and drunkenly happy about the whole thing.

Even if I do have to get up tomorrow and go figure out how to start a dead car by using only the telephone.
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