Monday, June 27

no, i'm pretty much looking right at you.

I know that this is a poor excuse for a blog post, and I really ought to have something more interesting to say, but here goes. I found this review on, and it so completely misses the point whilst unwittingly exposing the author as a neanderthal moron that I got a huge kick out of reading it. My favorite is where she compares Stanley Kubrick (who she's never heard of) to Darren Star, and Star comes out the clear winner.


I have to say this is the poorest film that Nicole and Tom Cruise have been in. Before you all give me a bad rating due to saying that... come on.. you have to agree.

In the cinema they advertised the movie showing the scene of Nicole dancing in front of a mirror naked. I couldn't believe it was her at first and then Tom walks up. They advertised the names up as CRUISE, KIDMAN, KRUBRICK. I didn't know the last one. Then heard he did Full Metal Jacket which I liked and a few others that were also pretty good. But I wouldn't go OTT over him.

I have to say I agree with a review I just read. If you want to see nice clear shots of Nicole's brests then this movie is for you. They advertised it that way in the cinema and I bet that drew people into watch it. They were suckered. Yea there are lots of other women naked too but WOW!

For me I want a story. If the cast like running around naked then okay. Because we know how essential all that is to a story now don't we. It never is! That is why successful shows like Dallas oor BH 90210 could do relationships without nudity. So films don't need it either. But the directors think it will sell, they love to be able to say i worked with nicole kidman and got her filmed in nude (who wouldn't) and Kidman - well she never turns down a nude role. I think she finds it a turn on running around naked in front of all the cast. Nicole walking around in a part see through top with hard nipples! Oh come on!

As I'm sure you can imagine I was disappointed in the movie. A good stroy is what I want but this was just made for nudity appeal and that is wrong in my opinion.

In summary:

If you want a good story - watch something else and not this
If you want nudity - watch this
If you want nudity and a good story - watch the first 20 mins. After that it dies slowly.

Thursday, June 23

Keep your site as amused as possible

Keep your site as amused as possible
Published by Creford Wong on May 09, 2005

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When everyone had grown up, his elaborative faculty had improved very much. Because the his age, status, Knowledge, position, Weltanschauung, philosophy, and thoughtway were different from before. When you are doing something, have you considered how others feel?

Someones were easily to say something disagreeable on the internet. Even wrote everything which disagreeable in his site. It's not necessary. Probably it will make your site disagreeable, and you will make your visitors tired.

So don't talk about something disagreeable in your site as possible. Fox example, barely I heard a song from my neighbor. But he listened to it and repeated it for many times, he always listened to this song, in truth this song is awful, such song will make people to be tired of popular music indeed. We need to choose the really fair-sounding popular music. But many people didn't want to choose by themselves in China. So they don't know what is popular music.
It's necessary to listen to a song for numerous times, such as 100 time, 300 times. But turn the volume down as possible, please.

It's disagreeable. It's just a real example, I hope that you don't mind if I've just mention it. So, keep your site as amused as possible, just talk about the happy topics.

I'm very glad that my visitors said to me "I'm very happy when visit your site". In our lives, we'd better to make others feel that "I'm happy when talk with you". It's very important, and you will have many good friends.

My thoughts exactly.

Wednesday, June 22

a face for radio

Hey. Psst. C'mere.

I'm back at it.

Check out the mamocast, kids. Matt and Matt and waaaaaaayyyy too much coffee to be good for us.

I am very very very happy about this.

That felt..... Mighty!

Just got back from Café Demetre and our first ever podcast. And it's called (dunt da da da!)


As in, Matthew(s) + Movies. Say it. Mamo. Feel the power of it in your mind.

In all relative seriousness, it felt really great. Loose, spontaneous, real, and at least from the inside fairly interesting. We'll see once we get it up and running if all this is true. Matt's mp3ing it up in the next 24 hours; I'm figuring out how to host it on my idisk and then syndicate to it with the various podcast directories. All shall be revealed, in the fullness of time.

Also had a very nice little get together with Bex, Phantom, Kate and Matt at my place before hand. Ate a little fish, a little salad, some nice chit chat, and oh yeah PLAYED ROCK'EM SOCK'EM ROBOTS TILL OUR HANDS ACHED!!!!!! BEST FATHER'S DAY PRESENT EVER!!!!

Whew. Apparently podcasting is like some kind of contact high for me. I am fucking wired.

Tuesday, June 14

The internet comes through again

Sure, it may seem like heresy, but I cannot help but be overcome by the utter coolness of this.

I almost wish some studio would remix a whole movie this way, just for the sheer exuberance of it. Check the way he just keeps singing, even when the song is altered significantly. Nice work, vee dub.

Monday, June 13

1st priciples

I came to a realization this weekend. I haven't been going to the movies enough. It's been easy, really, over the last year or so, to just stop being motivated to go. I've even seen it happen to some of my best friends, people who I thought were as appreciative of filmmaking as I am. They just... drop away. When you can't get your buddy out to see Star Wars, you know you won't get him out for anything at all. I'm not that interested in falling into that trap. And it is a trap. Here's what keeps me away from the movies:

1) They just aren't as good as they used to be.
2) I'm too busy/tired to get up the energy to go, besides Leah will be stuck with Max if I go out.
3) There's lots of DVD stuff I still need to watch

These are all completely valid reasons. Not. Here's what I need to keep reminding myself.

1) Movies are just as good, if not better than they have ever been. Every age and generation of this stuff has had its share of greatness, and its full share of supercrap. We just think the old stuff was way better, either because we grew up with it or because we selectively filter and simply don't remember all the crap we've seen.

2) I may be tired and busy, but I'm not nearly as tired or busy as I was before the breathing machine kicked in, and the thing I keep forgetting is that I don't get tired watching a good movie, I get energized. I have come out of great cinema exhilarated, ready to go hard at it. If I need to sneak away to a late show here or there and lose a little sleep, so be it.

3) There may be a hundred DVD's sitting up there waiting, but how did they get there? I saw the movies, in a theatre, and it made me love them so much I went out and bought them. But it starts in the theatre.

So I'm not going to let myself fall into an age spiral where I see less and less, do less and less, and just pass out of existence with no involvement in anything. Fuck that to high holy hell, I'm still enjoying myself down here.

Tuesday, June 7


Are you crapping me negative?!? The giant monster on LOST is one of these. No doubt a nano machine based version, but still, man. Wow.

This is why you make the films

When you've got it, flaunt it. (Now Ulla dance!) I mean, what's the point of making the Lord of the Rings and then getting $20 million up front to tackle King Kong if you just sit on the money? Why not do this:

That's right, that's a fully automated touchpad controlled robotic jug band. Peter says it's a present for Fran. Enjoy it, fat man, enjoy it to the hilt.

Sunday, June 5


So far, with the summer about 1/8 over, I'm doing okay. I was right about Cinderella Man (it just made $18 in its first weekend, and should have the extraordinary legs to finish with 80-100, or well out of the top ten) and very right about Ep III (right on target to make about 375 and squeak to first place). I'm also on the nose with Madagascar, as it just took 1st place for the weekend and should cross 200 mil just barely.

I'm completely off on my Longest Yard assessment, and while it is still possible that it could grind to a halt, it seems unlikely. I thought it would underperform for a Sandler vehicle, but instead it held its own and now looks to finish with a likely 140-150. This puts it at least eighth, and makes me less than perfect. Still, it's nice to know I can still do this with some accuracy.

I'll review again in a few weeks, probably after the debut of war of the worlds.

we could have done a lot of things

this is all the places I could have been in the past 2 days. We went to Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Matt and I, to stand at the back of a bar, watch some funny shit, and turn around and go home. It's a pretty long way to go, but I have to say I think I'm built for long trips. I did my share of the driving, and never felt like it was too much. Anywhere in the circle is somewhere I'd consider visiting, even if it was only for a few days. It's a lot of time in the car, but that was fun, too.

Thursday, June 2


In which we learn that meat can thaw, friends can try, and the nature of 360 lines is the nature of the universe itself.

I'm about most of the way there on whipping the new tech into some kind of shape. My laptop has a ton of new music on it. I've spent the last couple of days at work organizing and revising tags. There's gonna be some gaps in terms of song titles and whatnot since so much of this new stuff is DJ grade and there's nowhere to reference it online. Indie 12"s sold from the stage don't always get documented that well :)

Also the home network just hums along. It's amazing how simple and powerful that is, too. I love being able to just move stuff between the machines whenever I need to, without plugging anything in to anything else. Simple, but great. I saved my very first spotlight search today, making sure Leah can find her faxes no matter where they're filed on the machine. She hates it, but she does want to know how I did it so she can make her own.

There's just one more day before Matt and I head out to the Hi Mom! film festival in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. If I close my eyes, I can actually taste the pork in my mouth.

Wednesday, June 1

read me

cool.... I just syndicated myself.
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